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A new design STOCK EZY Fadge Holder

The Stock Ezy Wool Pack (Fadge) Holder is a very valuable piece of equipment with wide variety of uses especially once the new option of a wheel kit is added.

Initially the holder was designed for the wool industry with unique features such as no pins to get lost in the wool, an EZY and quick changeover of the wool pack and a compact fold away unit leaving a tidy workspace.

When the wheel kit is added it becomes a very versatile piece of equipment and can be used in all sorts of applications from gardening and landscaping, construction sites and in all kinds of industrial trades and home hobbies.

With the wheel kit, it is ultimately the most simplistic, EZY to fold away, EZY to store or transport, piece of equipment.

The Stock Ezy Wool Pack (Fadge) Holder incorporates fully galvanised materials and weighs around 10kg, or with a wheel kit 15kg.

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